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Ivy Gate Farm

Ivy Gate Farm
28411 San Juan Creek Rd.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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Our Trainers

Ivy Gate Farm has an outstanding team of trainers who guide the development of our riders and horses.

Personalized training programs are developed for each horse and rider to ensure that every Ivy Gate student may reach his/her personal riding goals - whether competing on the A show circuit or local and regional competitions.

Mary Morrison
Owner/Head Trainer
Mary brings over 30 years of training experience to Ivy Gate's intermediate and advanced riders. Although she has worked and ridden with many of the country's topprofessionals, by far the most influential person in Mary's life was her mentor, Victor Hugo-Vidal, with whom she studied and taught for the last 10 years of his life. "Victor always referred to Ivy Gate as his home barn," says Mary. "And even though he is no longer here with us, his love for the horses and boundless enthusiasm is still felt by the many riders who worked with him at Ivy Gate." Mary gained international attention in 2005 when the French Federation (the equivalent of the U.S. Equestrian Organization) hired her to teach hunter-style clinics in France, where they have just recently begun to promote the hunter-style riding disciplines.

Cristin Stewart
Assistant Trainer/Operations Manager
Cristin Stewart - IGF Assistant Trainer/Operations Manager Cristin joined Ivy Gate Farm back in 1994 and has been a huge asset to the program ever since. With over 30 years of riding and showing experience, she has a keen ability to know horses quickly, manage each equine personality individually and help horses overcome challenging training and behavioral issues. Growing up in Northern California, Cristin has extensive experience in the Hunter and Jumper rings as well as working and bringing along young horses.

After graduating from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences, Cristin spent time abroad in the Caribbean employed by a private entity, where she provided individual instruction as well as managed the care of their equines.

Cristin is utilized at IGF for her riding expertise, her ability to develop each horses unique strengths and make them more rideable and ultimately better able to perform for our clients. Cristin enjoys all aspects of the business, from managing the feed program to working diligently with our vets, grooms and range of equine health care specialists to help ensure that our horses are in the best physical and mental shape possible. Cristin has a keen eye for detail with her training experience, making it easy for her to suggest changes that benefit both horse and rider. She is able to dissect and get to the root of the problem, often assisting riders to achieve success in areas where they previously struggled. Cristin is also a mom to Charlie, Molly and Johnny. We are so blessed to have her here at Ivy Gate!

Jonathan Bradford
Assistant Trainer
Jonathan grew up riding in Orange County at a very early age with his mother. Wanting to learn how to jump, which his mom thought was a phase, his first horse trainer was a family friend. Although retired, she held her Masters in Horsemanship, Training and Instructing from the British Horse Masters Society. He learned very classical techniques from her. Always doing whatever he could to afford the next horse show he held many working student positions with different professionals in the area until he landed at Ivy Gate Farm the first time. At 18, he was approved to design courses for local and county rated shows and a year later judged his first horse show, which he continues to do from time to time.

In 2000, a successful sales business was created with his then mentor Dale Pederson. After returning to school for a few years he moved to Los Angeles and formed his own business, Granite Hill Farm, in 2007. In Los Angeles his business saw success in the show arena in the hunters, equitation and ponies. His biggest successes were outside of the show ring in sales, fixing problem horses, young horses, investments, teaching clinics, rehabilitation, and even rehabilitating many rescue horses.

In 2015, he had the opportunity to return to Ivy Gate Farm and is happy to call it home ever since. He is truly dedicated to building the business at all levels and is happy to provide whatever is needed at home, or at the shows. He enjoys teaching all age groups and tries to make learning fun and a positive experience. 


Courtney Williams
Assistant Trainer
Courtney brings over 30 years of riding and showing experience to Ivy Gate. As a young rider growing up on the East Coast, Courtney trained with multiple, accomplished professionals where she acquired a solid foundation in classic equitation.

During her junior career, she had the privilege to clinic with several talented trainers including Margie Goldstein-Engle, Kathy Kusner, Scott Hoffstetter, Denna Johnson, Betsy Worthington and Christina Schlusemeyer. Each of these talented professionals have influenced her training techniques, riding style and overall horsemanship in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation.

Her passion was clear even at an early age. She worked hard to obtain the fundamental skills required to prepare and catch ride horses for all three rings successfully for multiple sale barns in Central Florida. Turning professional in 2005, Courtney opened her own training facility, instilling classic fundamentals and horsemanship qualities to her students. Within one year, she had riders successfully competing from beginner divisions/ss through the High Children's jumpers, locally through the A circuit on the East Coast. Always with an emphasis on fun, her energetic attitude and positive outlook is a joy to be around. Courtney assists Mary at all of our scheduled AA shows as well as our county level shows when needed. We are fortunate to have her as an addition to our Ivy Gate team!

Specializing in Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation,
& Sales

Mary has built a solid reputation throughout the U.S. as one of the premier importers of Europen Hunter/Jumper prospects. Visit our Sale Barn and view our Success Stories page!